Steve Strauss, with his laid-back style of guitar playing, is none other than a poet. With Powderhouse Road, Strauss proved himself to be a singer/songwriter of remarkable depth of feeling and sensitivity. This is also true of Just Like Love. The songs of Steve Strauss are, once again, not exactly easy to approach. Maybe some elements of his art can be attributed to his job as a social worker in Vetal, New York. Bitter-sweet melancholy, but also a trace of cynicism gets hold of the listener at the same time.

1. Just Like Love
2. Angel
3. Youngstown
4. Old Crow
5. Dead Man’s Handle
6. Jennie Mae
7. Brother Mule
8. Sunday Best
9. The Dirt
10. Lord Franklin
11. Closer
12. The Dog and the Dancing Girl
13. A Western

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