Without much ado and preliminaries, the three musicians meet at Stockfisch studio in Northeim and give their creativity and expertise free reign. Listeners will enjoy these ten mellow, yet catchy tracks with their captivating vocal harmonies and intricate, rhythmic guitar work – such musical craftsmanship is what it takes “If It´s Feeling Fine”.

Dennis Kolen: vocals, guitars, bass, piano,
hammond b3, dobro, mandolin
Eugene Ruffolo: vocals, guitars, percussion
Shane Alexander: vocals, guitars

01. All The Lovely Times
02. If I Could
03. Rainbow´s Gold
04. Ghost From My Past
05. On An Afternoon Just Like Today
06. Nowhere Fast
07. I Lived Here For So Long
08. Lost Road
09. If It´s Feeling Fine
10. Tell Me Why

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