Un autre grand classique, somptueux enregistrement de chants de chorales et chœurs par le même ingénieur du son Alvin BERTIL ! Certains disent que c’est aussi bon que le célèbre “Cantate Domino”, d’autres le trouvent même meilleur…!

01. There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy
02. When He Comes
03. There is a Road to Heaven
04. Thou Whom Shepherds Worshipped
05. Love is Come Again (Kornet har sin vila)
06. When We Share the Bread
07. God and Man at Table are Sat Down
08. The Love of God is Broad like Beach and Meadow
09. Said Judas to Mary
10. God, When You Breathe over Our Earth
11. Your Name, o, Jesus, is a Comfort
12. Sorrow and Joy
13. I Know of a Dark and Gloomy Garden
14. Walk Carefully, o, Christian
15. O, Jesus Mine, Whom Have You wronged
16. Just One Day, One Moment at a Time
17. My Soul, You Must Now Forget
18. O Christ, Who art the Light and Day
19. Hope Gives Rest to My Redeemed Soul
20. Spread Your Wings Over Me

TT 50:52

Stockholm Cathedral Choir
The Johannes Youth and Children Choir
Gustaf Sjokvist, conductor
Anders Eby, conductor

This recording has been mastered by the new K2 HD format of 24-bit 100kHz, which creates an unbelievable sound surpassing other formats!

This K2 HD Sound disc is mastered with superior skill of mastering engineer and revolutionary “K2 High Definition Coding” technology. K2 HD Mastering enhances the sound spectrum to a bandwidth of 100kHz and 24-bit resolution, while retaining all the charm of the original recording. K2 HD mastered CDs offer extended nuances, dynamics and musicality and are playable on any CD player. This is a very high quality K2 HD album with a certified average block error rate of 10 (industry standard is 220)! In other words, it is technically 22 times better than a regular CD!

• 99,9999% Silver
• Import Fabriqué au Japon
• Ambience of Analogue Sound • Richer Sound Field
• Higher Resolution • Lower Distortion
• Master-Tape Quality Sound
• 24-bit / 100kHz
• Beautifully packaged

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