There is certainly no need these days to introduce Allan Taylor to acoustic music aficionados. CDs like Colour to the Moon or Hotels and Dreamers are no strangers to fine folk music’s haute cuisine – their natural habitat being the record collections of those who still adhere to high standards in music and recording technology. Allan Taylor‘s natural habitat – the world, perhaps life.

That man often looking so serious and stern from the cover of CD booklets has seen the world, has travelled around it and thoroughly enjoyed it. He has sung about it and in his songs has transformed it into his artistic home.

Leaving At Dawn: He riseth early who will travel far – or who has enjoyed in secrecy without wanting to commit himself to stay. The twelve tracks on this album are a mature singer’s retrospectice covering moments, places and stories of biographical, personal and historical nature. A troubadour’s lovesongs, intimate memories of family life, echoes of sweet rebellion in the year of 68 – Taylor has thoroughly enjoyed the lightness of being while it was still not unbearable. Later he transcended those memories of New York and Amsterdam and Brighton Beach and through his art made them valid and lasting for ever.
That young man once left his home in the footsteps of the beat poets – wanting to be a wandering minstrel. That he became this kind of artist is proof enough of Allan Taylor’s successfully doing what he once promised to his father. He has most certainly not become an „almost man“. In his existence as a man and as a poet he has grown into a mature personality taking his share from life courageously, generously passing on the gift.

01. Winter
02. The Almost Man
03. Back Home To You
04. Provence
05. Firefly
06. Lay Soft On Your Pillow
07. New York In The Seventies
08. The Last Of The Privateers
09. Leaving At Dawn
10. It Could Have Been
11. Make Another Turn
12. Red On Green

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