Allan Taylor is one of England’s most-respected singer/songwriters. His songs have been covered by artists on both sides of the Atlantic, including Don Williams, Frankie Miller, Fairport Convention, Dick Gaughan, the McCalmans, the Fureys, the Clancy Brothers, and De Dannan. Folk Roots praised him for his “ability to crystallize a mood and evoke an era with the ease of a computer memory access, crafting perfect songs with dramatic changes in the spirit of Brecht, Bikel, and Brel.”

Allan’s much-acclaimed latest album contains 12 new titles, some of which were written in Paris during his Journey of Memories.

01. Kerouac’s Dream
02. A House by the River
03. A Road too long
04. Back again
05. Notes from Paris
06. Wheels of Fortune
07. Brighton Beach
08. Colour to the Moon
09. Creole Girl
10. Whatever the Way
11. Crazy Amsterdam
12. Scotty

TT : 48:26

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