LOS LOBOS - This Time

This Time marks Los Lobos's third collaboration with producers Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake. Generally accepted as the wolves most experimental and eclectic effort to date, This Time courageously explores a strange, liberating ethos espoused by Blake, Froom, and Lobos mainstays David Hidalgo and Louis Perez . The title track slyly segues in from nowhere, "Oh Yeah" lopes into a dreamy jazz sound scape subtly punctuated by Blake's studio percussion, and "Some Say Some Do" exhibits a dark innovative techno influence fused with the blues. The earthy riffs on "Viking" and "High Places" illustrate that the band's continued devotion to Jimi Hendrix. Even the Latin stylings of "Cumbia Raza," the sensuous "Corazon," and the spirited "La Playa" get a superior studio treatment. Those who truly relish sonic adventure and master musicianship will be extremely satisfied by this outstanding Ultradisc UHR SACD from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. Que corran para siempre!

1. This Time - 3:31
2. Oh Yeah (Perez/Rosas)- 3:44
3. Viking - 3:29
4. High Places - 4:21
5. Cumbia Raza (Rosas) - 2:46
6. Run Away With You - 3:05
7. Corazón - 4:07
8. Some Say, Some Do (Perez/Rosas) - 3:09
9. Turn Around - 3:45
10. La Playa - 3:11
11. Why We Wish - 2:53

UHR Ultra High Resolution SACD
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's proprietary G.A.I.N. 2 Ultra Analog mastering process.

Réf.: MFSA2024
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Commentaire par PAUL
note globale
Los Lobos est un groupe étonnant et fascinant. Les racines sont heureusement toujours présentes mais ils savent évoluer et varier les effets. Très bon disque. Fabuleux pressage SACD de Mobile Fidelity. (Posté le 17/12/2016)
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