iFi NOS 6922 upgrade valve set ‘Grade A’ GE5670 with special iFi adapter. At iFi, given the AMR connection, we research the history of valves. Delving into the archives, we unearthed the GE5670 for the micro iTUBE, a tube buffer. The response was such that we had to make the GE5670 a standalone product for all 6922-based equipment.
• The New Old Stock GE5670 is part of the 2C51 family, the premium version of the 6922.
• All valves undergo a special in-house ‘Grade A’ selection process:
– hand-selected;
– temperature & time rejuvenation;
– and computer-matched.
• 2C51 pins are electrically different. iFi special low-noise adapter enables match for 6922 gear.

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