David Munyon obliviously continues to write the book of singer/songwriting. Admired by all artists of this kind and by everybody who is captured by his charismatic songs.

Stockfisch Records was lucky to have documented 25 outstanding recordings from the David Munyon sessions in 1996/97 – done in high-bit quality. Included on this disc are 13 of those recordings. The remaining tracks can be found on More Songs for Planet Earth (SFCD6032).

David Munyon requested that these tracks be accompanied by Stockfisch´s “house” musicians – Chris Jones, Mike Silver, Hans-Jörg Maucksch, Beo Brockhausen, to name just a few. The resulting two CDs (SFCD6032 & SFCD6033) are continuing chapters of David´s life as a singer/songwriter…

“Munyon’s voice is one you will instantly recognize, it is unique, his guitar/vocal songs are unique, and I have noticed that in the last five years, he has been the most frequent singer in my stereo system. I rank Munyon as one of the top 10 singer-songwriters in the US. God knows how difficult it is to describe greatness, or to explain it, I can just say he’s a great singer, or how good are his lyrics, and you won’t understand until you listen.” Moshe Benarroch.

David Munyon, vocal, guitar
Chris Jones, guitars
Martin Huch, pedal steel, dobro
Mike Silver, backing vocals
Steve Baker, blues harmonica
Thomas Klippel, Hammond b3
Hans-Jorg Maucksch, bass
Beo Brockhaujsen, accordion, bamboo bass-flute, sitar, tinwhistle, gu-zheng, soprano saxophone, percussion.

01. Bahnhof Tanz
02. Amer Stocking
03. Men with No Friends
04. Words of Love
05. Unknown Blues
06. The O.K. Corral
07. Neat Shoes
08. Louisiana
09. Pork Chop Song
10. I Wish I Was in Ireland
11. Bastian
12. Strawberries an’ Wild Honey
13. With any Luck at All

TT : 67:59

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