Trends Audio est un fabricant situé à Hong Kong dont le créneau se situe dans les petits produits véritablement HiFi conçus à partir des dernières technologies et disponibles pour un prix sans équivalent. La fiabilité ne s’est pas démentie depuis 3 ans que le département Trends Audio a été crée et la presse mondiale en parle régulièrement.

Our Mission

Integrating new technologies with traditional wisdom and our innovative ideas to bring audiophiles and music lovers the outstanding Hi-Fi gears in affordable prices.

Our Visions

In the Hi-Fi field, some may like to play new technologies such as SACD, DVD-Audio, Blue-ray DVD, Home Theatre PC (HTPC), Class-D or Class-T amplifiers, etc. On the other side, some may like to play valve amplifiers, Class-A amplifiers and LP turntable. The worst is that it creates many unnecessary arguing between both sides in the cyberspace and other areas frequently.

We would like to breakdown the wall between the new technologies and traditional wisdom and integrating them to provide good Hi-Fi gear in affordable prices, of course, without the compromise of the sound quality. No matter what kind of technology, the one which can provide good sound in an optimized cost would be included in our consideration list.

Moreover, we hope our affordable Hi-Fi gears can attract more youngsters to join into the Hi-Fi field. Let more people be able to enjoy Hi-Fi quality gears and widen their music listening scopes.

Our Profile

ITOK Media Limited is a Hong Kong based company working in audio/video and multimedia production since 1998. Trends Audio is our newly established division and brand name in 2006 for R&D, manufacturing and selling our own Hi-Fi gears. In simple, it is best to describe us as an aggressive team of electronic engineers, audiophiles, DIYers and music lovers.

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