With his new album Red Rock Journeys, a musician who can undoubtedly be classed as one of the greats of acoustic guitar music can now be heard on Stockfisch: Ralf Illenberger who had recorded with Stockfisch Records in the 70ies (in these days together with his mate Martin Kolbe).

Ralf IIlenberger‘s home and place of work is Sedona, Arizona, a location of great natural beauty to which spiritual power is also attributed. And Red Rock Journeys epitomizes a true Illenberger: holding that fine balance between deep, earthy sound and soaring, airy heights – between rock-solid craftsmanship and the capacity for transcendence.

Songs which elude the shackles of musical genre; while ideal for quietly dreaming, they can also unleash a surprising amount of energy and drive.

Red Rock Journeys takes the listener on an evocative journey to Ralf Illenberger‘s Sedona: A well-built house with expansive windows that pull in the light and a panoramic view of the landscape – both that with-out and that within.

01. Frogs
02. Big Change
03. Light Wave
04. Walk In The Park
05. The Veil
06. Joy
07. Thinking Of You
08. Falling Down
09. Osterspaziergang/Soleil
10. Ballad
11. The Kiss

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