Werner Lämmerhirt – a guitarist with an unmistakeable sound, his instrumental prowess and songwriting talent extend far beyond the boundaries of the Folk-Scene. His playing is a tour-de-force, combining Folk, Swing and Blues in Werner’s trademark style – powerful and rhythmic, but at the same time relaxed, almost playful.
A production from 1992 – Werner’s collaboration with flautist Volker Leiß makes this CD especially interesting.

01. Lollipop
02. The One Who’s Loosing You
03. Open It Up
04. Only One More Time
05. Coming Home From School
06. Kirmes
07. Pay The Bill
08. October Romance
09. Watch Out Baby
10. Lady Abigail
11. Bach’s Bouree
12. When The Show Is Over

TT : 52:55

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