In 1996, David Munyon recorded his first release “Slim Possibilities” ” on the Stockfisch label, in a joint venture with Glitterhouse Records.

David Munyon is a “topical writer” much like many of the folk legends and roots artists of today’s acoustic tradition.

“Gunter Pauler created a breathtaking backing sound that the listener will be speechless about. Pauler had a little help of musician like, Chris Jones: Guitars, Harmony vocal, Hans-Jorg Maucksch: Electric Bass, Frank Fiedler: Acoustic bass, Beo Brockhausen: Hurdy-Gurdy, Jew’s-harp, John Hickman: Banjo, Byron Berline: Fiddle, Steve Baker: Harp and Hrolfur Vagnsson: Accordion. Already on the first track, Mississippi Rain, you will hear the sound of the typical Munyon fret-less bass guitar and an acoustic guitar solo of the master himself. The power on this album you will find in, Slim Possibilities.” –

01. Mississippi Rain
02. This Man Flies To Africa – 1979
03. Severe Austerities
04. Delphia’s Rhyme
05. St. Charlie’s Phone Call
06. Slim Possibility
07. Iron And Wooden Road
08. N.Y.C.
09. Is It Really You
10. Somewhat Delayed Deja-Vu
11. Probably Just A Broken Heart
12. Bakersfield

TT : 62:03

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