First Impressions Music "The Producer's Choice! Volume I features various artists and orchestras including Jacintha, The Yamamoto Trio, The Jeremy Monteiro Trio, Gary Karr, Hui Fen Min and many, many more!

The Music: Maestro Faberman specially arranged Bizet's "Carmen Habanera Fantasia" into a short orchestra fantasia for the producer of this album as a gift to his long-term friend. Faberman is famous for his imaginative use of percussion instruments in his music. Maestra Wei Li transforms the poetic melody of "Autumn Yearning Fantasia" into a new fantasia by portraying, though his imagination, the sentiment of a beautiful young princess in the Ming Dynasty several hundred years ago. The terrific finger work of Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, the Japanese piano jazz king, is aptly displayed here on "I'm A Fool To Want You" with stunning transparency and definition in sound. One of the best-known pieces in Karen Carpenter's songbook, Jacintha and Jeremy Monteiro put a lightly melancholic and very tender rendition to "A Song For You".

Flamencan Guitarist Gino D'Auri puts an West Indian twist to "Ida Y Vueta". "Alone I Ascend To The West Chamber" is beautifully melancholic, here re-arranged for harmonica, piano and string orchestra. Gary Karr performs a stunning rendition of one of the most popular spirituals today, "Amazing Grace". A monumental performance by Members of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, The Stockholm Bach Choir with Anders Ohrwall conducting of Handel's "Hallelujah". The Jeremy Monteiro Trio gives their take on the popular movie theme song "Born Free". A serene and calming performance of "Autumn Moon In A Placid Lake" by Wen Cheng Lei and Wei Li.

"JK's Drum Improvisation" has been very popular ever since it was released by Sheffield Lab Records some 30 years ago. It is still considered one of the best drum solo recordings in the industry. The transience and dynamics of the sound are fully reproduced here on the Ultra HD 32-bit Mastering format! Isabelle Perrin, the great French harpist, performs Debussy's Claire de Lune giving one a feeling of a tranquil moon under a starry sky. Pianist Steve Sui rounds out the program with an excellent performance of "Over The Rainbow".

Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering!
Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering is a proprietary ultra-high-quality mastering system. This leading-edge system has achieved unprecedented sonority and musicality, reproducing as closely as possible the sound of the original master tape! This format employs what is currently the highest attainable resolution bit depth (word length) in the professional audio field, i.e. 32-bit. 32-bit resolution makes possible maximized, undistorted dynamics, and the lowest noise floor, allowing even the quietest musical information to be heard more clearly. This breakthrough results from the development, through years of experience and application of advanced digital technology, of a sophisticated A/D and D/A processing system.

Ultra HD 32-Bit Mastering does not specify a sampling rate; this allows flexibility in meticulously choosing the appropriate bandwidth for a particular recording. The higher the sampling rate -- for example, 192 kHz -- the greater the bandwidth. However, merely employing the greatest bandwidth may not guarantee the ultimate sound. With some recordings, a lower sampling rate -- 96 or 176 kHz -- may offer better musicality and more homogeneous harmonics. This determination requires careful and discerning auditioning and professional judgment. In the end, the human being’s hearing and emotions should be the final arbiter, rather than the print-out of testing equipment or technical measurements.

Recognizing these variables, FIM nevertheless tries to use 32-bit depth and 192 kHz bandwidth whenever the original analog master is at hand. Alternatively, if the original recording is on 24/96, the 32/96 may eventually be used to maintain the integrity of the sonority particular to that recording. With this flexibility, First Impression Music believes that preeminent sound is only achievable when the chemistry of the recording, mastering, glass-stamper making, replication, and quality control is right. As always, listening is believing.

This recording has been mastered by the new Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering process, which creates an unbelievable sound surpassing other formats!

1. George Bizet (1838-1875) - Carmen Habanera Fantasia
- Harold Faberman conducting the Northwest Sinfonietta

2. Autumn Yearning Fantasia
- Wei Li, arrangement and guzheng

3. I'm A Fool To Want You
- Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Piano Trio

4. A Song For You
- Jacintha, vocal and Jeremy Monteiro, piano

5. Ida Y Vuets
- Gino D'Auri, flamenco guitar

6. Alone In My Chamber
- Dave Parker, harmonic and Jeremy Monteiro & His Orchestra

7. Amazing Grace
- Gary Karr, double bass

8. Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759) - Hallelujah
- Members of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, The Stockholm Bach Choir, Anders Ohrwall conducting

9. Born Free
- Jeremy Monteiro Trio

10. Autumn Moon In A Placid Lake
- Wen Cheng Lei, composer, Wei Li, arrangement

11. JK's Drum Improvisation (Sheffield Lab Records)
- Jim Keltner, drums

12. Claude Debussy (1862-1918) - Clair de Lune
- Isabelle Perrin, harp

13. Over the Rainbow
- Steve Siu

Total Time: 72:56

The benefits of Ultra HD 32-Bit Mastering:
• Ambience of Analogue Sound
• Higher Resolution
• Undistorted Dynamics
• The Lowest Noise Floor, allowing even the quietest musical information to be heard more clearly!
• Richer Sound Field
• Master-Tape Quality Sound!!!
• Delivers what musicians originally intended!

• Ultra HD Mastering
• Beautifully packaged
• Playable on ALL CD Players!

Réf.: FIMUHD066
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oici un éditeur qui a toujours été à la pointe du progrès, Winston MA son président et ingénieur en chef travail aujourd'hui de concert avec les laboratoires de remastering les plus avancés.

Dès le début FIM choisi la gravure sur Or 24K, plonge dans la brèche ouverte par Pacific Microsonics avec le HDCD. Cette technologie est particulièrement appréciable lorsqu’on possède un lecteur ou convertisseur équipé d’un filtre HDCD. Ces CD sont parfaitement exploitables par n’importe quel lecteur CD du marché et la qualité d’enregistrement combinée au support Gold 24K apporte un indiscutable " plus " à l’écoute.

First Impression Music se lance très vite dans la production, avec JVC, d’enregistrements XRCD dont le fabuleux double album complet de " Jazz at the Pawnshop ". Toujours à la pointe du progrès FIM adopte aussi le XRCD2 puis les formats XRCD24 et SACD et propose maintenant, après l'avoir mis au point avec les ingénieurs JVC, le K2HD. Le K2HD est un format de mastering 24-BIT à large bande passante 100KHz de très haute définition basé sur le système K2 JVC. Il s'agit autrement dit de la dernière génération du XRCD JVC.

A noter que les prises de son de la plupart des albums sont réalisées par le label et son président Winston MA au moyen du plus petit nombre de micros possible et restituées sans aucune compression dynamique (rarissime) !! Ce personnage pousse même le vice jusqu'à n'employer que les bandes master du premier "Cut" plutôt que les bandes mixées finales...

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