Classical music is full of child prodigies but they are somewhat rare in jazz. Lee Morgan was an exception, for he was a brilliant trumpeter while still a teenager. His musical genius is difficult to explain; but easy to hear. Lee Morgan emerged fully formed technically along with a crackling intensity and passion that was a joy to experience. By the time he recorded Candy in 1959, the 20-year old had already led five albums for Blue Note, and had logged valuable time with not only the Dizzy Gillespie Big Band, but also as a member of (what some consider) the finest edition of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. Candy is a unique item in Morgan’s history for it is the only quartet album that Morgan ever recorded. In fact, no other horns were needed! Candy features the trumpeter playing with beauty, fire, passion and a mature lyricism exceeding most musicians double his age. Joined by a rhythm section of young giants including pianist Sonny Clark, Morgan burns on the faster pieces but puts plenty of feeling into "All The Way," the soulful "Since I Fell For You" and "Personality." At 20, Lee Morgan was already a modern master and, from this point forward, considered one of the great trumpet men of jazz. Who said that youth was wasted on the young?

"When I listened to the Audio Wave XRCD release of [AWMXR0008] Lee Morgan - Tomcat I was awestruck. My conclusion was that rather than comparing digital to analog, a more logical conclusion was that the entire digital vs. analog debate becomes irrelevant when listening to a recording that is so far superior to anything that has come before it. My analog setup costs six times what my digital one does, but given the same Blue Note title on LP or XRCD I'd choose the XRCD each time. I question the motive of any writer who claims that there is an LP re-issue that equals the sound you all are achieving."

"I recently purchased three more Audio Wave Blue Note titles and the sound on each of them is really stunning. The clarity (without any brightness), dynamics, instrumental timbres and subtlety that I hear in these performances is amazing. You can really hear the emotion and intent of the performers in a way I have not experienced with my Blue Note records before, be it an original pressing, RVG remaster or one of the 45 rpm re- issues from other labels. When playing [AWMXR0010] Horace Silver- Cape Verdean Blues over the weekend, my mom (who was visiting from out of town) and daughter actually came in the room and started dancing around. Its magic on a silver disc."

"I hope you will have the opportunity to visit other back catalogs or more Blue Note titles with wizard Alan Yoshida at the helm. I have a new appreciation for the importance of mastering. Thanks for the great music." - Steven Frost, Elusive Disc Customer

"I recommend these highly. If you want the best digital versions of these great Blue Note albums, grab these. In my opinion they are the best that have ever been done and probably the best that ever will be. They can't stay in print forever so don't delay!" - Steve Hoffman, Mastering Engineer

"Blue Note has never sounded this good on CD before - these are the first digital Blue Notes that come close to the sound of vinyl. And the packaging is outstanding. I love the high quality glossy covers, and the insert booklets are the first effort I've seen to fit high quality photography into such a small package. Keep up the good work!" - Dennis Davis, Hi-Fi+

"Astute listeners know that the very first Blue Note CD issues are sonically superior to the more recent RVG remasters. Well, these XRCD24s absolutely crush them both, displaying high-frequency air, midrange presence, and bottom-end definition and weight missing on earlier CDs and many LPs as well." - Mark Mickelson, TheAudioBeat.com Click Here to read the entire review!

"Compared to the 45 r.p.m. vinyl, the LPs still have a slight edge in smoothness and liquidity, but thanks to the XRCD process and the care that was taken transferring these albums directly from the original analog masters, these CD’s have to be approaching the limit of what the compact disc is capable of resolving. Instrument timbre is stunningly real, and the amount of air and decay present on these recordings will make the uninitiated swear that there is a record playing on a turntable somewhere. I’ve never heard this music sound this good in any digital format." - Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio

"The quality is next to none and as far the sound goes they are absolutely beautifully recorded, the timing is perfect and the clarity of the instruments is spot on, I will treasure these CDs. I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the collection." - Victor A., actual Elusive Disc customer

"The sound is absolutely stunning and natural and represents digital at its best. The space around instruments and decay times are reminiscent of live acoustic performances. The mini-hardcover book format packaging is exceptional with great photography and legible liner notes. Truly well done and keep them coming." - Roger B., actual Elusive Disc customer

“a well done XRCD... It’s a sound that comes about as close to analog excellence as we’ve heard from any digital format” - Wayne Garcia, TAS Issue 203, June/July 2010 pg. 120-123

“These discs are open, dynamically free, tonally natural... the bass is textured, melodic, and explosive when a drummer lets loose.” - Wayne Garcia, TAS Issue 203, June/July 2010 pg. 120-123

“...they may not quite equal the breathtaking sonics of the vinyl discs in transparency, immediacy, and ultimate dynamic pop, they come very close. So close, in fact... I was prepared to get up and flip the LP to Side Two—except I wasn’t listening to an LP but to a Yoshida-mastered XRCD.” - Wayne Garcia, TAS Issue 203, June/July 2010 pg. 120-123

1. Candy
2. Since I Fell For You
3. C.T.A.
4. All The Way
5. Who Do You Love, I Hope
6. Personality
Bonus Track:
7. All At Once You Love Her

Sonny Clark, piano
Lee Morgan, trumpet
Art Taylor, drums
Doug Watkins, bass

• Mastered and produced by Alan Yoshida and Joe Harley from the Original Rudy Van Gelder Blue Note 2-Track Analog Tapes!
• Highest Quality Analog-to-Digital transfers from tape to CD
• Deluxe Packaging with Hi-Resolution Black & White Session Photos by Francis Wolff.
• Includes Original Album Liner Notes
• XRCD24 is Compatible with ALL CD PLAYERS!

Réf.: AWXR014
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EXTENDED RESOLUTION COMPACT DISC " XRCD " est l’appellation donnée par JVC à une collection de disque tout à fait unique, issue d’un procédé 24 Bits hautement évolué mis au point par JVC après des années de recherche qui continue d’évoluer aujourd’hui. Un disque fabriqué par JVC n'a rien à voir avec celui que vous trouverez dans le commerce du début à la fin de sa réalisation. Les bandes d'origine sont d'abord restaurées et apprêtées pour être converties au format numérique 24 Bit haute définition selon le procédé XRCD (vous en touverez le détail en fichier PDF dans chaque "sampler").

Enfin la matrice servant à fabriquer le disque n'est utilisée que 5000 fois afin de garder chaque CD produit aux tolérances les plus sévères. C'est pourquoi un XRCD est, par définition, édité en série limitée de 5000 exemplaires pour le monde entier et parfois une autre matrice est produite pour une autre série de 5000 (rarissime). Il est prudent de ne pas laisser passer les occasions de se procurer certains d'entre eux qui ne restent qu'une année au catalogue.

Un disque XRCD est compatible avec tout lecteur CD et ne nécessite aucun filtrage ou autre technique de conversion particulière. Certains sont XRCD ou XRCD2 et d’autres plus récent profite du standard XRCD24.

Inutile d’avoir une oreille très affinée pour percevoir l’amélioration apportée par ce procédé. Un évident gain en clarté, transparence, dynamique et douceur peut être observé par tout un chacun en comparant cette version à une version standard. Les procédés XRCD, XRCD2, XRCD24 permettent véritablement de s’approcher de la Bande Master et rivalise en cela avec le SACD ou DVD tout en étant souvent supérieur musicalement.

Le choix musical est plutôt orienté vers le Jazz et le Classique et tous les disques proposés ont une très grande valeur musicale. Récemment, JVC et BMG se sont associés dans la réédition disques de musique classique extrêmement réputés pour leur prise de son à l’ancienne "Living Stereo", ainsi que pour les artistes les plus talentueux et célèbres. Vous les trouverez dans le label BMG XRCD.

Si le prix de ces disques peut vous paraître important, sachez que cette collection, même si onéreuse, offre le meilleur degré musical (fluidité, naturel, phrasé analogique), toujours très supérieur aux "fameux" pressages ou remastering d'origine Japonaise Gold ou Alu, souvent plus chers . L’emballage et les illustrations proposés sont à la hauteur de l’investissement mais surtout, la musicalité vous convaincra qu’il est parfois plus satisfaisant de posséder un XRCD que deux autres pour le même prix.