JOHN LENNON / Peace Live in Toronto


John’s first solo album and a special insight into one of the legends of Rock N’ Roll!

It’s hard to believe this was recorded over 35 Years Ago!

On September 13, 1969, John Lennon stepped up onto the stage in front of 20,000 grateful fans. This was John’s first large-scale performance in over 4 years. This was to be the world’s first look at John and Yoko’s Plastic Ono Band. To make this show even more spectacular, John brought along Eric Clapton and his blistering guitar for the show! The band starts off the show with three incredible rock and roll covers: “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Money,” and “Dizzy Miss Lizzy.” John is in great voice throughout the show and hearing him trade licks and solos with Eric Clapton is quite spectacular. Next up is a killer performance of the Lennon/McCartney song “Yer Blues” from “The White Album.” You can really feel John’s pain when he’s singing “Yea…I’m lonely, want to die.” Then John introduces a magnificent new song for the crowd, “Cold Turkey.” It was the world premier of this tune! Then John comes up to the mike and announces, “This is what we came for…really,” and launches into “Give Peace a Chance.” These first six tunes are all performed with passion and great musicianship. Then John announces, “Now Yoko is gonna do her thing…ALL OVER YOU!” That’s when things get a little interesting! Two cuts of Yoko’s improvisational “singing” filled with screams, chants and cries for peace. A little insight into the world’s perspective on John and Yoko’s relationship, all caught on tape. It’s said that this concert helped to solidify John’s decision to definitely leave the Beatles behind him. This is the only version of John’s first solo record available today and Mobile Fidelity has done an incredible job re-mastering the album. It captures one of the world’s greatest singer/songwriters of all time, playing with a great band at the peak of their creative output. Live Peace comes with a 30 Page booklet w/ tons of great photos and the original calendar is updated for the year 2006. The original USA LP release date was December 12, 1969 and the album was certified Gold on March 17, 1970. We strongly encourage everyone to check this one out!

1. Blue Suede Shoes
2. Money
3. Dizzy Miss Lizzie
4. Yer Blues
5. Cold Turkey
6. Give Peace a Chance
7. Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)
8. John, John (Let's Hope for Peace)

CD GOLD 24K Ultradisc II
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's proprietary G.A.I.N. 2 Ultra Analog mastering process.

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Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab poursuit depuis plus de 30 années sa quête de perfection appliquée au support musical. Depuis le premier Vinyle UHQR jusqu'au plus récent UHR (Ultra High Resolution) SACD ce label est et reste un des pionniers de l'innovation pour le support et sa qualité poussée jusqu'à la perfection. Chaque audiophile féru de de beaux disques connaît ORIGINAL MASTER RECORDING.

Ce label, depuis sa création, fait partie des rares labels à investir dans des technologies débouchant sur des innovations véritables au service de la qualité sonore. Ces améliorations ont toujours été appréciées par les consommateurs du monde entier qui ont fait le succès de ce label au fil des années.

Mobile Fidelity a toujours privilégié les équipements de mastering les plus neutres et les plus à même de dévoiler les plus subtiles détails d'une bande originale sans ajouter de coloration ou de détérioration. Des Bandes Master variées et originales sont retrouvées, restaurées et font l'objet d'un remastering soigné. Seules les Bandes Master de première génération sont employées pour nos remastering. Les bandes de seconde ou troisième génération employées pour le pressage grand public ne sont jamais sélectionnées. Enfin, notre procédé GAIN 2™ ULTRA ANALOG system (voir explications plus bas) est notre dernière innovation qui permet une lecture à 1/2 vitesse de la bande pour en extraire une quantité d'information très supérieur.

Le son chaud et défini d'un Original Master Recording est la force maîtresse de ce label car c'est l'un des plus analogiques qui soit tous types de pressages confondus. Les CD Gold 24K sont parfaitement exquis (ils sont très recherchés après disparition du titre) et les SACD UHR possèdent la meilleure couche CD que vous puissiez rencontrer et les arguments pour vous faire apprécier le SACD en véritable haute définition. Les vinyles offrent ce qui se fait de mieux au monde.

Tous les remastering Mobile Fidelity depuis 30 ans sont devenus des collectors. Les séries limitées le sont vraiment (1000 à 4000) contrairement à certains pressages japonais limités à 25.000 unités. Après 5000 pressages une matrice ne produit plus le même disque et ne permet plus une production identique du premier au dernier numéro.

GAIN 2™ Détails techniques :

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL) is the undisputed leader in the art and science of record technology. Through the evolution of its Ultra High Quality Records (UHQR) to the ANADISQ 200 series, audiophiles and serious music collectors alike have long applauded Mobile Fidelity’s contributions to the research and development of making the best records humanly and technically possible. MFSL’s latest innovation on the vinyl frontier is the GAIN 2™ ULTRA ANALOG system

The introduction of GAIN 2™ ULTRA ANALOG maintains Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab’s position as the world’s leading audiophile vinyl record label, where passion for music is merged with extraordinary sound quality. The GAIN 2™ ULTRA ANALOG disc mastering system is comprised of a modified Studer A-80 tape machine with proprietary reproducer electronics and customized, handcrafted cutting electronics and power amps that drive an Ortofon cutter head on a modified Neumann lathe. Independent and in house studies have confirmed that the GAIN 2™ ULTRA ANALOG system can unveil sonic information all the way up to122 kHz. First and foremost, Mobile Fidelity Sound lab utilizes only first generation ORIGINAL MASTER RECORDINGS as source material for our releases, never the second or third-generation master tapes that are often used by mass producing music labels. The master tapes are played back at half speed enabling the GAIN 2™ ULTRA ANALOG system to fully extract the tape’s sonic information, resulting in more cutting amplifier headroom, as well as allowing the cutter head twice as much time to inscribe the full bandwidth of the audio signal. Half speed mastering allows for incredible frequency response and hysteresis (a type of playback distortion) is greatly reduced from the tape transport’s playback head. Lacquers are then plated in a specialized process that protects transients in the musical signal. Optimum sound quality is further ensured by strictly limiting the number of pressings for each release. These Limited Editions, in addition to being collectors’ items, assure you that the quality of the first pressing matches the quality of the last.

To protect your GAIN 2™ ULTRA ANALOG pressing after purchase, each is protectively custom packaged to maintain flatness and prevent warping. Each GAIN 2™ ULTRA ANALOG record contains a specially constructed heavy-duty album jacket that is supported by a rigid cardboard “stiffener”, and the entire package is loosely “bagged” instead of being subjected to a tight shrink-wrap that can contribute to record warpage. To help eliminate dust -and minimize surface noise- a unique static-free “rice paper” inner sleeve protects each disc. These “Original Master Sleeves” are also available separately from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab to help protect the rest of the records in your collection.




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