GUO YAZHI / Sorrow of The River

Traditional and contemporary Chinese music performed on Suona and other Chinese instruments. MA is extremely honored and proud to present Guo YaZhi, principal suona player in the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. Try putting Guo YaZhi’s name into Google and see what you get! Guo is truly a phenomenon and we are all very fortunate to have such a spectacular recording on MA. The suona, best described as a traditional Chinese oboe (with roots in Central Asia), has a sound that is shrill, powerful and very loud! In northern China it is prominently played in festivals, military affairs and wedding processions. On “Sorrow of the River” Guo YaZhi not only plays Suona, but other exotic reed instruments, in ensemble with other Chinese musicians, including his wife He Tao (also a member of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra) on Er Hu, the two stringed Chinese violin. For those with an interest in Chinese culture, this recording should prove a real gem. Perhaps the most accessible track to western ears might be the duet with He Tao on which Guo plays Soprano Saxophone ala Kenny G (!?!). Although I am not a fan of Mr. G, the track is truly beautiful, being the well known traditional “Reflection of Moon Upon Er Quan”. For those with audiophile tendencies, “The Marriage Journey” (track one) starts with a thunderous low frequency drum that will definitely shake some windows (if one is not careful with one’s initial gain settings….)!! It is also with the audiophile in mind that “Sorrow of the River” is currently being exclusively offered on the MA site in our own “Emerald Audiophile Disc” format. The sound of this deep, dark green polycarbonate is somewhat more relaxed and less harsh than what we have experienced with normal polycarbonate CDs. As a final note, the title track “Sorrow of the River” is one of the most famous traditional pieces in Chinese traditional music and Guo played on the instrument for which it was originally intended. 01. 出嫁 The Marriage Journey 02. 江河水 Sorrow of the River 03. 百鳥朝鳳 Birds Pay Tribute to the Phoenix 04. 家鄉情 Love for My Homeland 05. 陽關三疊 Three Variations on Yang Guan 06. 啦瓜 Chit Chat 07. 二泉映月 Reflection of Moon upon Er Quan 08. 雙聲恨 Lovers Lingering 09. 中國民風 Chinese Folk Melodies 10. 頹敗線的顫動 Vibration of the Corrupted Line 11. 解放 Liberation 12. 楓橋夜泊 Sailing at Night
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Voici une des grandes affiches de notre sélection, M.A. Recordings ne s’attache pas à un style musical trop particulier et nous propose quelques enregistrements de musique classique ou jazz. Cependant la majorité des enregistrements proposés se classe dans la catégorie Musiques du Monde. Logiquement le succès de ce label s’est construit autour de musiques rares, exotiques, parfois anciennes mais toujours de premier ordre. Enfin l’aspect technique est toujours pris en grande considération car nous nous attachons à vous présenter uniquement des supports apportant un " plus " audible dans un système Hi-Fi équilibré. De ce coté M.A. Recordings n’est pas en reste car il se trouve que ce Label fut l’un des tout premiers à employer le 96kHz mis au point par DCS. La prise de son respecte une règle qui devrait être plus répandue : peu de microphones, deux en général sont amplement suffisants pour la stéréophonie. Plus de naturel et une meilleure image en sont les bénéfices directs.