GRZEGORZ KRAWIEC / Journey - Podróz

Recorded at 96 kHz with the AYRE prototype AD converter, Cardas Neutral Reference cables and MA`s own custom, line level DC powered mikes. MA is proud to present the debut recording of Polish classical guitarist Grzegorz Krawiez. Grzegorz (pronounced “Gjegosh” with a soft “j”), being Polish, decided on a program which would show from where the guitar originated, Spain, to where he is today, Warsaw, Poland. Hence, the program of “Journey” begins in Spain, then “passes thru”, France, Italia, Germany, Hungary and arrives in Poland where actually two composers are featured. (By the way, Krawiez, if you are English speaking, is pronounced “Kraviets”). Press Review Twenty-five year old Polish guitarist Grzegorz Krawiec is right now reaching what is perhaps the most crucial turning point in a young guitarist's career: he is exiting the world of musical academies and competitions, and beginning to perform and record on a professional level. However, it is simply not enough to be technically and musically brilliant anymore, one must communicate with their listener at every step of the process and on all possible levels. I believe that in his debut recording entitled "Journey" Krawiec has succeeded in doing this. Superficially, the recording itself is beautifully packaged, adorning photographs of Krawiec that share the various aspects of his unique personality. The playing is technically flawless and features pleasing interpretations of several juxtaposed compositional styles. To this reviewer, what makes this recording particularly worthy of praise is Krawiec's careful selection of mostly uncommon repertoire which is then drawn together and presented as a musical journey across Europe. Aside from the Tárrega and Mertz, the composers featured on the disc are not often performed on the guitar, especially here in North America. These works are all contemporary compositions, yet written in an accessible extended-tonal style comparable to Brouwer or Domeniconi. I was particularly drawn to Nuccio D'Angelo's "Duo Canzoni Lidie" with its sparse, haunting harmonies, and hints of orientalism. The series of character sketches entitled "Reminiscencje" by Polish composer Sylwester Laskowski, are also of note as they are dedicated to Krawiec. Although they are quite short and not particularly profound, they are appealing as they are quirky, colorful, and varied. Throughout all of this Krawiec plays impeccably, making it evident that he has put everything he could into this disc, setting the stage for what can only be a successful performance career. © Timothy Smith Minor Acoustic Guitar Music Reviews
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GRZEGORZ KRAWIEC / Journey - Podróz