This well-known audiophile classic recording of Enrico Bossi's Cantate Domino by Oscar's Motet Choir led by Torsten Nilsson is now made even better with this Ultra High-Definition CD release. The Ultra HD CD release features the original cover art of the church on a white background. Proprius chief Jacob Boethisu had refined the image and gave it a classic black look for the reissue.

Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering!
Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering is a proprietary ultra-high-quality mastering system. This leading-edge system has achieved unprecedented sonority and musicality, reproducing as closely as possible the sound of the original master tape! This format employs what is currently the highest attainable resolution bit depth (word length) in the professional audio field, i.e. 32-bit. 32-bit resolution makes possible maximized, undistorted dynamics, and the lowest noise floor, allowing even the quietest musical information to be heard more clearly. This breakthrough results from the development, through years of experience and application of advanced digital technology, of a sophisticated A/D and D/A processing system.

Ultra HD 32-Bit Mastering does not specify a sampling rate; this allows flexibility in meticulously choosing the appropriate bandwidth for a particular recording. The higher the sampling rate -- for example, 192 kHz -- the greater the bandwidth. However, merely employing the greatest bandwidth may not guarantee the ultimate sound. With some recordings, a lower sampling rate -- 96 or 176 kHz -- may offer better musicality and more homogeneous harmonics. This determination requires careful and discerning auditioning and professional judgment. In the end, the human being’s hearing and emotions should be the final arbiter, rather than the print-out of testing equipment or technical measurements.

Recognizing these variables, FIM nevertheless tries to use 32-bit depth and 192 kHz bandwidth whenever the original analog master is at hand. Alternatively, if the original recording is on 24/96, the 32/96 may eventually be used to maintain the integrity of the sonority particular to that recording. With this flexibility, First Impression Music believes that preeminent sound is only achievable when the chemistry of the recording, mastering, glass-stamper making, replication, and quality control is right. As always, listening is believing.

This recording has been mastered by the new Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering process, which creates an unbelievable sound surpassing other formats!

Enrico Bossi (1861 - 1925)
1. Cantate Domino

Johann Gottfried Walther (1684 - 1748)
Concerto for Organ in A major
2. I. Allegro
3. II. Adagio
4. III. Allegro

Otto Olsson (1879 - 1964)
5. Advent

George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1759)
6. Dotter Sion, frojda dig (Daughter of Zion, Rejoice!)

Georg Joseph Vogler (1749 - 1814)
7. Hosianna Davids son (Hosanna to the Son of David)

8. Frojda Dig, du Kristi brud (Rejoice, you bride of Christ)

Korean Folk Song
9. Lullaby

French Carol
10. Il est ne le divin enfant (Christ is Born the Child Divine)

Adolphe Adam (1803 - 1865)
11. Julsang (Christmas Song)

12. Den signade dag (O Day full of Grace)

Franz Gruber (1787 - 1863)
13. Stille Nacht (Silent Night)

Max Reger (1873 - 1916)
14. Mariae Wiegenlied

Otto Olsson (1879 - 1964)
15. Jul (Christmas)

Czech Folk Song
16. Zither Carol

Irving Berlin (1888 - 1989)
17. White Christmas

The benefits of Ultra HD 32-Bit Mastering:
• Ambience of Analogue Sound
• Higher Resolution
• Undistorted Dynamics
• The Lowest Noise Floor, allowing even the quietest musical information to be heard more clearly!
• Richer Sound Field
• Master-Tape Quality Sound!!!
• Delivers what musicians originally intended!

• Special Silver Logo First Pressing!
• Ultra HD Mastering
• Beautifully packaged
• Playable on ALL CD Players!

Oscar's Motet Choir
Alf Linder, organ
Marianne Mellnas, soprano
Torsten Nilsson, conductor

Réf.: LIMUHD072
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Here an editor who always was with the point of progress, Winston MA his president and chief engineer work today in connexion with the most advanced remastering laboratories .

Right from the beginning FIM engraving on Gold 24K, plunges in the breach opened by Pacific Microsonics with the HDCD. This technology is particularly appreciable when one has a reader or converter equipped with a filter HDCD. These CD are perfectly exploitable by any CD player and the quality of recording combined with the support Gold 24K brings indisputable “more music” to listening.

First Impression Music launches out very quickly in the production, with JVC, of XRCD recordings of which the fabulous complete double album of “Jazz At the Pawnshop”. Always with the point of progress FIM adopts also the XRCD2 then formats XRCD24 and SACD and proposes now, after developed it with engineers JVC, the K2HD. The K2HD is a mastering format with 24-BIT and broad band-width of 100KHz of very high-definition based on the system K2 JVC. It is in other words about the last generation of the XRCD JVC.

It should be noted that the sound recordings of the majority of the albums are carried out by the label and its president Winston MA by means of more the small number of microphones possible and restored without any dynamic compression (extremely rare)!! This character pushes even the defect until employing rather only the bands master first “Cut” than the final mixed bands…

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