BILL HOLMAN BAND / A View From the Side

La version Audiophile de l’un des JVC les plus applaudis. Ce disque exploite parfaitement le champ dynamique du procédé XRCD. 01. NO JOY IN MUDVILLE 7:56 02. ANY DUDE'LL DO 6:03 03. BUT BEAUTIFUL 6:29 04. PETALUMA LU 5:45 05. I DIDN'T ASK 8:16 06. MAKE MY DAY 6:12 07. THE PEACOCKS 5:27 08. A VIEW FROM THE SIDE 7:15 09. TENNESSEE WALTZ 7:56 10. LIGHTNIN' 7:03 Label : JVC Mastering XRCD 20-Bit.
Réf.: JXR002
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EXTENDED RESOLUTION COMPACT DISC " XRCD " allows the listener to hear what the producer and artist intended... the sound of the original master tape! You don't need a "golden ear" to hear the improvement in an xrcd. The improvement in sound quality of XRCD over a conventional CD is not subtle. Obvious gains in clarity, transparency, dynamics and warmth of XRCD can be heard by all. XRCD allows the listener to hear what the producer and artist intended to hear the sound of the original master tape. And, unlike some other recent attempts to improve CD sound quality, no additional equipment or add on converter is necessary to fully realize the sonic benefits of the xrcd process. All XRCDs will play on ANY CD Player! XRCD is the optimization of CD mastering and manufacturing. The care and time put into the creation of an XRCD far exceeds that of any other compact disc. Sophisticated analysis by both test instrument and ear are used to evaluate every step of signal transfer, from the inception of the mastering process through the final manufacture of the disc. The degree of specialization of the process is such that only one production line at one manufacturing facility in YOKOHAMA, Japan is of sufficient quality to produce the XRCD. Find out why virtually every audio publication in the US has given XRCD a glowing "thumbs up." LISTEN AND COMPARE.




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