ARTHUR RUBINSTEIN / Chopin : Ballades

Two complete Living Stereo LPs on a single disc! These 1959 recordings of his beloved countryman's work represent the immortal Rubinstein's last thoughts on music he had lived with for seven decades. When remastering the original recordings, John Newton and his engineering team used only three of the available six channels (or two when the original recording was two-track) on the SACD disc because that was the vision of the original producers. 01. 1-4 - Ballades Nos. 1-4 02. 5-8 - Scherzos Nos. 1-4 SACD Hybrid Multichannel
Réf.: CRCA61396SA

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The whole collection of RCA Linving Stereo remastered in DSD for optimum SACD/CD reproduction. The quality is exceptional on those hybrid SACD. Some are stereo some are multichanel and they all come from USA.