ARNE DOMNERUS / Antiphone Blues



One of the top-ten audiophile recordings of all-time!
Recorded by the Swedish audiophile label Proprius, this unlikely paring of saxophone and organ will give you goosebumps. The acoustics of the Spanga Church are captured flawlessly, and the playing of these spirituals owes more to inventive introspection than to strict religious dogma.
This legendary recording was a natural for the K2HD format.

Highly Recommended !

01. Traumerei - 4:35
02. Sometimes I Feed Like a Motherless Chid - 2:25
03. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen - 3:09
04. Antiphone Blues - 3:21
05. Jag vet en dejlig rosa - 2:40
06. Entonigt Klingar Den Lilla Klockan - 3:35
07. Heaven - 3:13
08. Come Sunday - 4:37
09. Den signade Dag - 3:49
10. Almighty God - 3:10
11. Largo - 3:07
12. The Shepherd - 4:01
13. Hymn to Freedom - 3:44
14. Dedication - 4:13
15. Tonight I Shall Sleep - 3:36

Arne Domnereus, saxophone
Gustaf Sjokvist, organ

This recording has been mastered by the new K2 HD format of 24-bit 100kHz, which creates an unbelievable sound surpassing other formats!

This K2 HD Sound disc is mastered with superior skill of mastering engineer and revolutionary "K2 High Definition Coding" technology. K2 HD Mastering enhances the sound spectrum to a bandwidth of 100kHz and 24-bit resolution, while retaining all the charm of the original recording. K2 HD mastered CDs offer extended nuances, dynamics and musicality and are playable on any CD player. This is a very high quality K2 HD album with a certified average block error rate of 10 (industry standard is 220)! In other words, it is technically 22 times better than a regular CD!

• Import Manufactured in Japan
• Ambience of Analogue Sound • Richer Sound Field
• Higher Resolution • Lower Distortion
• Master-Tape Quality Sound
• 24-bit / 100kHz
• Beautifully packaged

Réf.: LIMHD026
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Description du produit


Here an editor who always was with the point of progress, Winston MA his president and chief engineer work today in connexion with the most advanced remastering laboratories .

Right from the beginning FIM engraving on Gold 24K, plunges in the breach opened by Pacific Microsonics with the HDCD. This technology is particularly appreciable when one has a reader or converter equipped with a filter HDCD. These CD are perfectly exploitable by any CD player and the quality of recording combined with the support Gold 24K brings indisputable “more music” to listening.

First Impression Music launches out very quickly in the production, with JVC, of XRCD recordings of which the fabulous complete double album of “Jazz At the Pawnshop”. Always with the point of progress FIM adopts also the XRCD2 then formats XRCD24 and SACD and proposes now, after developed it with engineers JVC, the K2HD. The K2HD is a mastering format with 24-BIT and broad band-width of 100KHz of very high-definition based on the system K2 JVC. It is in other words about the last generation of the XRCD JVC.

It should be noted that the sound recordings of the majority of the albums are carried out by the label and its president Winston MA by means of more the small number of microphones possible and restored without any dynamic compression (extremely rare)!! This character pushes even the defect until employing rather only the bands master first “Cut” than the final mixed bands…

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